Faith & Matt

April 26, 2024
Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall
Montego Bay, Jamaica


April 26, 2024
Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall
Montego Bay, Jamaica

Our Engagement Story

Exactly two weeks after moving to Florida, Matt and I thought we would embrace Florida life and spend the day at some of our favorite places in Cocoa Beach, FL. Little did I know, Matt had some additional plans... (okay, maybe I did have some suspicions).

Matt and I started the day by going surfing. Right when I was about to get back on the board and probably catch some sick waves (after doing a very poor job so far), Matt calmly informed me that there was a shark behind me and that we should probably get out of the water. Meanwhile, in his head, he was thinking, "I can't have Faith bitten by a shark when I'm planning on proposing to her later.."

We went back to a few spots we had some of our best times together in Florida, including Cocoa Beach Pier where we watched people surf, ate good food, and enjoyed tropical drinks. As we walked back to our spot on the beach, we started collecting seashells to use as new decor. Those of you who have come to see our new place know that those same seashells are now scattered throughout our home and have become a reminder of such a memorable day! 

After some time enjoying the ocean, sunset, and the warm ocean breeze, Matt told me he made me something and handed me a photo album. We spent the next few minutes going through a photo album filled with pictures from the last 3 years of our relationship with each page including a note that started with, "I knew I loved you..." and a memory that we shared. When I turned to the last page, Matt took out a ring, got on one knee, and asked me to marry him.

I got to say "yes" to marrying my best friend and the best cat (and future dog) dad a girl could ask for.

We've been going through some big life changes over the last year from moving states to getting engaged to changing careers, but there's nobody we'd rather go through the ups and downs of life with than each other. 

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